The idea to combine yoga-philosophy with business/management/other may turn out to be a little risky. Especially, since an immediate link may seem farfetched. However, it is a risk well worth taking and over time may seem the most natural combination to many a potential reader. Yoga-philosophy explains with compelling logic how the human system (body, mind, soul) is able to function in harmony. As such, like in economics, it looks for a stable equilibrium, i.e. harmony. Whilst economics focusses on external equilibrium though, Yoga focusses more on internal equilibrium. Hence, it makes perfect sense to combine the two.

My educational background lies in international economics and political economy and law (MA and MLaw, Basel University, Switzerland).

Professionally, my background lies in banking and consultancy with international corporations. Having lived and worked abroad, as well as travelled extensively around the world I have had ample opportunity to observe human behaviour in many different walks of life.

In 2007 I became independent and formed the company clearview Martine Burgy. For more information please go to www.clearview.ch

It is probably right to say that Yoga found me and not the other way around. This happened about 9 years ago. The extent of my knowledge regarding Yoga was that it was supposed to be good for back and shoulders. Hence, I knew nothing about Yoga. And I soon came to realize that many people that practiced Yoga also didn’t really know much about Yoga and its philosophy. So I started to read a lot on Yoga, delve into some of the scriptures, go to class regularly and quickly got totally immersed in the topic. Finally, a few years ago I was led to a monk in India (Swamiji), who helped and guided me to experience what is written and has been tested by many sages and adepts around the world for thousands of years. Accordingly, it is to the great sages and adepts, including Swamiji (1930-2016) that I bow to.

Any mistake in interpreting Yoga Philosophy in context with this site is entirely mine and for which I apologize in advance. For information given in future comments to blogs or in links posted to this site I cannot take responsibility though.

Finally. I will do my best to keep this blog ‘clean’ and safe from spam, viruses, inappropriate language etc. Also, people’s names and information will not knowingly be passed on to third parties without their prior consent. Should there be a problem or an issue of this kind, please let me know as soon as possible so future problems may be avoided.