Monthly Archives: May 2014

In the spirit of responsibility

Much has been written during the past few days, weeks, months and years about the behaviour of top managers. Low-and middle income people, rich people, and politicians, employees, un-employed: many have voiced their opinion that top managers should take responsibility for their actions. And yes, one industry especially has been mentioned above average in this respect: the banking industry.

Also, it has become clear that top managers (and more and more politicians for that fact) are inter-changeable, whether we talk about them coming from the Banking industry, the Insurance industry, Pharmaceutical industry or any other of the big industries. In general, we see a similar type of top manager (or politician) – exceptions notwithstanding of course (although I cannot think of an exception to the rule right now). Continue reading

In the spirit of integration

Last week we talked about being an expat. This week I would like to take it a step further and talk about integration. Much is talked about integrating foreigners. Somehow, it seems to be quite loaded with emotions too. In all the discussions, though, integration seems to be evaluated from the point of view of the locals, not from the person that supposedly is to be integrated.

Therefore, let’s ask the following question: How do you, the concerned individual, know when you are integrated? Continue reading

In the Spirit of being an Expat

The airplane began its decent and the first views of Manhattan laid spread out before my eyes.

‘So, this is going to be my home for the coming future’, I thought. All of sudden, a positive sense of excitement began to spread all through my being. Continue reading