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In the spirit of rational thinking

Rational professionals will come up with different rational explanations.

In the culture I grew up in much emphasis has been and is being laid on rational thinking. As such the importance of being able to think rationally is imperative. It is fascinating to observe how we rationalize our behaviour, our decisions that we make, in fact our whole way of living. Continue reading

In the spirit of ‘inner resistance’

We all know about those incidents when we are asked to do something that we don’t really want to do. – Right?

We also know about those incidents when we should really say ‘No’ but instead say ‘Yes’. A heightened level of this aspect would be the person doing something for somebody else without actually having been asked to do so.

Here though, let us look at the first two cases: The case of ‘inner resistance’ and the case of clearly saying ‘No’. Continue reading

In the spirit of fullness (perfection)

In the spirit of Fullness

Last week we outlined roughly how stress evolved over the last 3 decades and became a factor on all levels of society.

As it is a religious holiday today, I would like to cite the following mantra on perfection (instead of continuing with the topic of stress):

Om Poornamadah poornamidam

poornat poornamudachyate

Poornasya poornamadaya


Om Shantih Shantih Shantih!

Translation: Om. That is full (perfect).This is full (perfect). From that Fullness this Fullness has come. Even if this Fullness is taken from that Fullness, it always remains full. Om Peace Peace Peace!!

Listen to Deva Premal’s sung interpretation of Om Purnam.

A simile of this truth can be gained by observing what happens when you light a candle. As such, if you light a candle from another candle, the light of the other candle remains the same. There is no reduction of the light from which the light was taken. Therefore, it can also be said, that light is perfect.

OM Tat Sat.

In the spirit of stress: part 1

On the way to buying some lunch at the grocery store at least 3 people nearly bumped into me. Why? – Well, they were focused on reading or writing something on their smartphone. In other words: totally absent-minded.

It is nothing new, that stress has increased during the past years to high health-threatening levels. In Switzerland, cost related to stress is estimated at approx. CHF 10 bn per year. Sure, in relation to the cost that has been incurred through financial crises, fraudulent behaviour and fines (let’s call them the three F’s) in the banking industry, this is totally in line. So what! – You may well ask.

What if, though, if there were a link between stress-cost and the three F’s? Continue reading