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in the spirit of a “free lunch”

Free lunch

In economics we learnt that there is no such thing as a “free lunch”. It became so ingrained in our minds that we have come to accept this thesis as a fact. And of course we have had ample chance to experience this in real life – especially in business – again and again.

Have you ever noticed for example how certain people or businesses do something for you without you either having asked for it nor actually wanting or needing it? Continue reading

In the Spirit: Zu hohe Gewinne?

Kann man zu viel verdienen? – Die kurze Antwort: JA! Die längere Antwort fällt naturgemäss etwas differenzierter aus.

Die Erfahrung, dass man zuviel verdienen kann, habe ich schon vor über 20 Jahren bei einer der grossen Schweizer Banken in New York machen dürfen. Continue reading

In the spirit: Blog auf Deutsch

Hallo zusammen,

Ich wurde ein paar Mal gefragt, ob ich den Blog auch auf Deutsch führen könnte. Grundsätzlich ist dies sicher machbar.

Allerdings ist die Grundstruktrur der Seite auf Englisch gehalten. So auch der Haupt-Blog. Deshalb: die Beiträge auf Deutsch werden in der Kategorie Blog-Deutsch abgelegt sein.

So. Ich hoffe, dass ich ca. im 2-Wochen-Rhythmus einen Blog posten kann. Der englische Blog wird nach wie vor im Wochen-Rhythmus publiziert.

Beste Grüsse und eine weiterhin gute Woche mit viel Sonnenschein.


In the spirit of ‘bcc’

The other day I sent an email to a group of people to remind them of the weekly blog. And – due to a mistake on my part (for which I apologize), I neglected to send the e-mail bcc. This was not my intention as a bcc in such a context is matter of respecting everybody else’s privacy.

Another incident of bcc-policy, though, shows the other side of the coin. Continue reading

In the spirit of thought – part 2

Thinking a concentrated thought is something very difficult indeed. Especially, when the doggie of my parents is dozing so peacefully next to me in his basket. I wonder what he is thinking. – Probably nothing, lucky dog.


But back to thinking. Most know how difficult it is to think in a highly concentrated way on one topic only – without a thousand other things (i.e. thoughts) interrupting us continuously. Continue reading

In the spirit of thought – Part 1

“Thought is a thing. Thought is a dynamic force.” Yoga-Sara Upanishad, Mantra 6.

In today’s and next week’s blog I would like to talk about the power of thought. Why? – Because there is a link to the topic of stress. And stress has been the topic in a couple of blogs so far and is the topic of the e-book, coming soon. So, after covering this little bit of self-marketing – ehem – let’s delve into the topic of thought.

The Yogis and other sages have long since recognized the power of thought. If you think rightly, you will speak rightly and act rightly. Speech and action simply follow thoughts. As such it may be said that thought is a dynamic force that underlies everything. Continue reading