Monthly Archives: November 2014

In the spirit of animals on the street

As I was driving into town the other day the traffic news bulletin on the radio all of a sudden announced that the danger of a dog walking on the highway had been banned! Imagine that!

Having just come back from India where every living thing from a cow to a monkey and a rat roams freely on the streets without being perceived as a danger to mankind this traffic news immediately brought a smile to my face.

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In the spirit of a (spiritual) retreat


Whenever I go on a retreat, people tend to wish a happy vacation. My response is always the same: “This retreat is not a vacation”. However, no matter how often I try to explain this fact, the well-meant wish remains the same.

Imagine, somebody wishes you a happy vacation as the new school term begins. You wouldn’t think of going to school as a vacation, right? – It may be, of course, that you love going to school and look forward to learning new things. That is the optimal case. Still, nobody would think of school as being a vacation. Continue reading