Monthly Archives: January 2015

In the spirit of QE (Quantitative Easing)

Much has been written and talked about QE during the last few weeks. To be honest, for the past few years I haven’t really concerned myself much with macro-economic, monetary or debt policy.

So as I first heard the acronym QE I thought: “what the …. is QE?” I hadn’t a clue. Well. Thanks to Google and a couple of hours later it became a little clearer what the topic was.

In the recent history we have seen a few incidents where similar effects were sought by somehow inundating the economy with fresh money. The idea has always been the same: increase investments and get the economy going. Whether you name these policies Marshall Plan, big push theories or QE it amounts to the same: Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

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In the spirit of freedom of speech (and expression)

A few days ago one of the basic freedom rights – the freedom of speech and expression – has been challenged on home ground. The right to voice an opinion was not challenged in some “foreign” country. No, it was challenged with ferocity in a country, where freedom of opinion has been institutionalized since the French revolution – give or take a few years for adjustment.

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