Monthly Archives: February 2015

In the spirit of de-digitalization

Over the past years we have been experiencing a seemingly continuous increase in converting every action, every deed, every product and every service into a digitalized and monetised system.

Why? – Very simple: IT has made it possible. That is the technical answer. If you park your car in a zone where the first half hour is for free and you get back only one second over the half hour because you had to stand in line longer than expected, you are now compelled to pay for the one second over time. Naturally, you don’t simply pay for the one second over the limit, but normally for a whole hour.

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In the spirit of transcending (personal) boundaries

Last week we talked about accepting boundaries; this week I would like to talk about the opposite: transcending personal boundaries.

The question is: Do we overstep boundaries in order to satisfy the whims of our senses and/or ego-driven aspirations or do we overstep certain boundaries because we have the urge to grow and to develop ourselves? – So, today, let’s talk about the latter option.

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In the spirit of boundaries

Years ago, when I still officially went to school, the whole school used to go for a week’s ski-camp. For us kids it meant an extra week on the skis and – equally important of course – no sitting in class rooms, listening to teachers that were more or less exciting.

Our class was fortunate in that we had one teacher who was just great. She was – back then – young, fun and made class as interesting as possible given the topics she was teaching (French and German). On the whole she was also dependable, i.e. she followed through with her announcements.

Okay. Sometimes she could show a little explosive anger when we overstepped the line, but it never lasted for long and we clearly knew we had gone too far. One of the times that some of the students clearly had overstepped the line was during one of the weeks in ski-camp.

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In the spirit of attachment (raga) and aversion (dvesha)

This morning the ‘Neue Zürcher Zeitung’ (NZZ) published an article an Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (For those of you who are interested and read German here goes: ). Why they chose to publish something on this Yogi who died back in 2008 I don’t know. But the article was interesting in that it shows the attraction and aversion that a person such as Maharishi Mahesh Yogi has on people.

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