Monthly Archives: March 2015

In the spirit of de-certification

One of the latest overkills in regulatory state control is the mandatory certificate for dog-holders. This means that any person acquiring a new dog has to go to doggie training, beginning with puppy training – both for the puppy and of course for the owner.

It sounds sensible and no doubt may have its merits too. However, with every new required certificate that we have to attain for everyday life situations, we not only kill self-responsibility bit by bit but also nature.

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In the spirit of Dr. Wilhelm Reich

The other day during a conversation with a friend the name of Dr. Wilhelm Reich somehow came up. Although his name seemed familiar I couldn’t place it. So, after the conversation ended I googled him. And ‘wow’, what I an enlightening experience that became.

After spending a couple of days watching youtube documentaries on Wilhelm Reich, reading a couple of books on his work just left me in awe at what he had re-discovered and at his commitment to staying with it. For interesting links, see for instance (documentary in German) or a very short documentary of 10 minutes under

He had actually re-discovered nothing less than what the Yogis call Prana or the Chinese Chi – i.e. the life force that is in constant motion.

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In the spirit of de-monetisation

This is the second blog in a short series of “de‘s”. Life is full of cycles: there are phases where everything is on the up-trend, then cycles of seeming stagnation and finally we also find these cycles where everything seems to be going down.

Depending on where we stand in a full cycle – i.e. up, stagnating or down – we need to adapt our economy accordingly.

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