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In the spirit of friendship

I have always had a close friend that I picked up at every stage in life -be it from school, University, work or travel. Since I have gone through extensive education, travelled a lot and worked in many different places the list of very good and lasting friendships has steadily grown longer over the years.

Naturally, the frequency of direct contact may diminish here and there but that never seems to inhibit the quality or status of that friendship. You just seem to continue where you left off when you do have the happy opportunity to meet up again. So, what makes a friend so special?

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In the spirit of being smart

The other day a friend and I went for a walk along a stream. All of a sudden my phone beeped. Looking at my friend in an apologetic way I took out my phone to check the message. That was when my friend full of admiration exclaimed that I was being trendy. – “Trendy?” – “Yes. Your phone is very retro. People are into that again. May take a look at it?” – “Why, certainly.”

It was funny to observe the reaction how this friend weighed the phone with admiration in her hands. The phone has a metal coating, so it has a nice and agreeable weight about it. Personally, I was thinking it a little odd, to be honest – this admiration for a phone! It’s just a mobile phone that I have had for years and have been very content with, sure. However: there is nothing smart about it: no e-mails, no internet, no whatsup, it is just a “bl…” PHONE.

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In the spirit of De-professionalisation

When I first started to work in New York over 20 years ago, my colleague next to me one day claimed that she was a professional. I forgot the reason why she said it but somehow she was totally and utterly annoyed and exasperated with her counterpart she had to deal with on the phone. – Theoretically, another professional. – Hm.

I just looked at her quizzically and did not really understand what the Americans meant by ‘being professional’. They kept repeating this term over the years and certainly, I did not understand why one had to state the hopefully obvious. After all, aren’t we supposed to be professional when we work for a salary? Isn’t that supposed to be a given?

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In the Spirit of Easter

The other day during a conversation a dear friend asked me whether I happened to know of Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians, mainly of course the much-cited chapter 13 on the topic of love. In fact, yes, I did happen to know the letter quite well, as I was asked years ago to read it at a wedding of a friend.

As it is Easter it seems thus a good time to post a section of this famous letter. So, without further comment, here is an English version as posted on Wikipedia. Continue reading