Monthly Archives: May 2015

In the spirit of De-“T-T-I-P-ing”

The other day I received a link to a documentary on TTIP (if you understand German see under ). In the German language everybody in the media simply talks about the Free Trade Agreement (“Freihandelsabkommen”) between the European Union and the USA.

The only problem with TTIP (which stands for Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) is that there is neither a letter ‘F’ (for Free) nor is there a letter ‘A’ (for Agreement) to be found in the acronym. Nor is there anything ‘free’ to be expected should this so-called Partnership ever come into being. Also, it is not only a Trade Agreement but also has to do with Investment – so the Acronym. What that means in reality (not what people think it will mean) we can only speculate on.

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In the spirit of independence and searching for a job

A funny thing happened a few days ago as I was sitting in the train from Austria back home to Switzerland. I had just visited a dear friend with whom I spent a few days mainly meditating. Anyway, sitting in the train I all of a sudden realized that absolutely nothing is pulling me anymore towards being self-employed. It was simply gone.

Having been independent on that level for the last 8 years and also having had that desire ever since I was a teenager I suppose one could say that this revelation may have come as somewhat of a surprise. But then again, thinking about this more deeply, it isn’t really so surprising.

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In the spirit of ranking

One of these day’s headlines was that Switzerland is rated No 1 in terms of happiness. UBS presented itself as “The world’s leading wealth management franchise“ and ‘our’ Roger (Federer) is – naturally – the greatest tennis player of all times. – Yes.

Personally, this ranking-mania is a point that I have truly never really understood. Why this extreme ambition, this need, to be the best in class? And if you don’t reach that goal a world collapses? What about No 2,3,4, etc.? Are they really worth(-)less?

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