Monthly Archives: July 2015

In the spirit of berries

Summer is the time to eat lots of berries. Me, I just love berries – be it blueberry, blackberry, strawberry, raspberry or any other type of berry. I just love them. Out in the country-side there are plenty of blackberries to be picked as you go for nice hikes. It really is simply a matter of “eat as many as you can and enjoy them”. They are tasty and very healthy and for free. Mother Nature really is very generous – it is all there.

Doctor’s advice

When I was still a kid, I once developed an allergy to which the doctor – without actually checking anything – simply claimed that I had an allergy towards strawberries. STRAWBERRIES! I absolutely loved strawberries. And this doctor said that they were supposed to be a no-go for me. After observing the family henceforth enjoying their fill of strawberries that year I had enough. Somehow, I simply knew that it was impossible that I was allergic towards strawberries. I mean, how can one be allergic towards something one loves? I can understand an allergic reaction towards certain types of work, certain teachers or bosses. But strawberries?! Somehow, a doctor would never say that you are allergic towards liver or spinach or anything else that we typically don’t like as children. It always turns out to be something we love! Fancy that.

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