Monthly Archives: September 2015

In the spirit of understanding EGO

The world has its latest scandal: VW. I won’t go into technical details as I don’t have the knowledge and anyway, I am a woman. I don’t have to understand the technical details, right? Sorry, just joking.

Anyway, what I do claim to understand though are the mechanics that drive huge corporations or any other huge system. Many huge corporations in any kind of industry have at one point or other been involved in some major scandal – from oil, pharma, food and banking industry to the latest scandal in the automobile industry. Why is that? We may very well ask and I am sure many do.

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In the spirit of fighting for one’s own freedom

Elections are coming up soon in Switzerland. This means that we are being inundated with hundreds of smiling faces behind smart suits representing some three letter acronym advertising in a few short words what they stand for. Hm.

The other day I happened to whiz by one such poster. As it was an 80 km/h zone I only chanced to see a few faces with a smile on their face and a slogan that read: “we are going to fight for you”. – Huh?  Are we under attack?

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In the spirit of playing a good game

This last weekend has seen a couple of great Tennis players at the US Open. This in itself is nothing extraordinary, as there are many great players. However, this week-end was different insofar as we were reminded what sport is all about. This was shown so wonderfully by the two Italian finalists.

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In the spirit of power

It is the second week of the US Open, i.e. the 4th Tennis Grand Slam Tournament of the year. Tennis has changed a lot over the years and has become a power play par excellence. And so it is interesting to observe how one of the American commentators in one sentence mirrored the thoughts of a current reality.

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