In the spirit of being smart

The other day a friend and I went for a walk along a stream. All of a sudden my phone beeped. Looking at my friend in an apologetic way I took out my phone to check the message. That was when my friend full of admiration exclaimed that I was being trendy. – “Trendy?” – “Yes. Your phone is very retro. People are into that again. May take a look at it?” – “Why, certainly.”

It was funny to observe the reaction how this friend weighed the phone with admiration in her hands. The phone has a metal coating, so it has a nice and agreeable weight about it. Personally, I was thinking it a little odd, to be honest – this admiration for a phone! It’s just a mobile phone that I have had for years and have been very content with, sure. However: there is nothing smart about it: no e-mails, no internet, no whatsup, it is just a “bl…” PHONE.

Basic functions of a mobile phone:

It has the basic functions that I need for everyday life (including business): I can phone somebody up for instance and I can send/receive text messages. Hey, I can even receive phone calls, fancy that. And wow, it has an alarm and your usual photographic possibilities. And, what I really, really like about it and I have this sneaky feeling that that is the main reason for the admiration it causes: its battery lasts me a week before I need to plug it into the socket. This means a very important thing: INDEPENDENCE.

Further advantages of the mobile phone:

The big advantage is actually that it is not as smart as Smart phones. Why do I say that? – Well, one is its size. It has just the right size, i.e. it is small and you can easily manage it with one hand!

However, size and weight apart, it does not lead me to an undue amount of unnecessary distraction. No internet or e-mails to keep me busy on train rides for instance. I mean, really, who needs to be inundated with mails on the way home from a full day’s work – for instance? Another issue of course is having a decent enough internet connection in the first place not to drive you crazy.

Have you noticed how people get into a rage when they have to wait a few seconds for a connection? – With a normal mobile phone this is very rarely an issue anymore: You pick up the phone, you dial the number and you immediately hear the dialling tone connecting with the phone of the person you have dialled. Simple.

Temptations of the mobile phone:

Okay, there is still the possible and unnecessary distraction with phone calls and text messages. Still, temptations are quite small with a normal phone. They are certainly not bigger than with the phone at home.  – Well, unless of course, you belong to the “want-to-feel-important-type of personality” that absolutely needs to have an absolutely “necessary” conversation on the train. Then, however, it may just be the time for a personality check. Ehem.

The Boasting factor:

Have you observed couples or friends these days going out for dinner together? – The smartphone is always by their side on the table; it is as if the smartphone is the modern day gun of the Wild West and they are about to kill each other with that thing. Only, they don’t shoot bullets anymore (thank god). Hm. Clearly, today nobody leaves home without a phone.  – That would be as if you walk around naked. It is just not done.

And of course also with a smart phone the contest of showing off the latest version is a human trait we – as a species – don’t seem to be able to outgrow. Strange, isn’t it?

Somehow, with a normal mobile phone this temptation seems to be less pronounced. After all, the showing off factor is rather small especially given the fact, that until recently, I didn’t even know there was a boasting factor in it to be had. Hm.

Of course, now that I know there is this ‘envy factor’ to be placed in the brain of certain human beings, I naturally take every opportunity of discretely placing my retro phone on the table in view for everybody to see. And with a glee in my eyes I await the inevitable comment: “Oh, what a cool phone, I want this too!”

Have a great and undistracted week and enjoy the wonderful springtime with a walk out in the country side. Just remember and be daring: leave the phone at home, be it smart or not. OM.

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  • Hello Martine, maybe retro is the new smart. Interesting strategy to call a phone smart and a media social…. Anyway, speaking of mobile telephony: I noticed the background colour of your website is orange. Will you now update it to white to make it look more like salt?