In the spirit of fighting for one’s own freedom

Elections are coming up soon in Switzerland. This means that we are being inundated with hundreds of smiling faces behind smart suits representing some three letter acronym advertising in a few short words what they stand for. Hm.

The other day I happened to whiz by one such poster. As it was an 80 km/h zone I only chanced to see a few faces with a smile on their face and a slogan that read: “we are going to fight for you”. – Huh?  Are we under attack?

As I didn’t have enough time to read which party these people represented or who was on that poster, I am left to philosophise on who might pretend to fight for other people’s freedom.

Political System – from left to right

Basically the parties range from left to right, with some ecological parties floating anywhere around in nirvana. I don’t mean to sound disrespectful towards the ecological parties; it is simply that ecology really has become a party-all-encompassing issue and as such most parties are slowly discovering that we need to look after our planet – each with different agendas of course.

Anyway, back to “fighting… .” Switzerland has a tradition to be a peace-loving nation and as such has always avoided fights of any kind. Our tradition is one of compromise – never ever one of fighting. At least not since Brother Klaus has pressed upon us to keep peace at all cost.

Of course, in order to be fair, no party would mean a true fight on a battlefield with guns, etc.. It was certainly meant to be allegorical. And this is precisely, where it becomes interesting. Since it is left to the reader to divine what type of fight is meant and for what cause it is clearly quite important to know which party stands behind “fighting for other people’s freedom” and which people might benefit from such a fight.

Right wing party fighting for your freedom?

If it were a right wing party, “fighting for your freedom” would most likely translate into more military spending as a form to “guarantee” security, i.e. freedom for the people. However, clearly this can only mean a so-called freedom for a select few and is inherently segregating in nature.

Left wing party party fighting for your freedom?

On the other hand, if it was a left wing party, “fighting for other people’s freedom” would not make any sense at all since the left claim to unite – from workers to intelligence to whatever. They usually don’t claim to free anybody from anything – well, except maybe from the capitalistic system. Oh well. In any event, they usually want to mesh everything into one huge system. Clearly, the word “freedom” in such a party would be a misnomer as freedom means precisely not meshing things into one big indigestible soup.

Party of the centre fighting for your freedom?

Could it then have been a middle to right or centre party? Could they be claiming to “fight for your freedom”? That would not make much sense either, I am afraid, as middle to right or middle to left party people are seldom prepared to fight a true battle. They tend to waver in one or the other direction, depending on the mood. In any case, what kind of freedom could they be talking about? – If it were a middle party then the likelihood is great that they mean fighting for the freedom of doing business with least obstacles possible. Ha, here again, freedom is only meant for a select few.

Hm. With all parties, whichever would claim to “fight for your freedom” it would be highly segregating. It actually says it already in the slogan itself: “…your freedom”. This implies an “us and them or you and I-situation”. Oh oooh! Not so good, no matter what the cause.

In any event: I am usually quite suspicious of people claiming that they are doing this or that only for me or my benefit. My short answer to that would be a clear “Don’t!”

In general people that make such claims do it for their own benefit and because it makes them feel better or whatever. They certainly don’t do it for other people or at least they should not claim that as their claims can only be founded on pure speculation as to what other people really want. And as it can be said that no two people have the same desires it clearly is impossible to then actually fight other people’s cause for them.

Yogic point of view

A true Yogi would basically say that the tasks that belong to you, like for instance cleaning up one’s mind from unwanted or harmful thoughts (such as anger, hate, jealousy, passion, etc.) and changing one’s behaviour can only be done by the concerned person themselves. No one else will be able to do that kind of work for you. Somebody else may be able to point you in the right direction but walk the path you have to yourself.

That, of course, is the true battle and the fight for true freedom that encompasses all levels of thought, emotion and senses. It is non-segregating and a true contribution to disentangling the meshed-up system that we are currently facing.