In the spirit of NEW YEAR’S resolution

Okay. Much has been written about resolutions for the New Year. And fancy that, New Year’s resolutions seem to repeat themselves on a yearly basis. That is: not only the resolutions themselves seem to repeat themselves again and again, but also the topic as such. Hm.

What does that say about our creativity? – Anyway. I thought, I would be a little more creative this year (we are still counting the year 2014 CE).

During meditation the other day it came to me that NOW is the time to get rid of the TV. Funnily enough it had nothing to do with NEW YEAR’s resolution, which – as most of us probably have experienced – usually do not amount to much anyway. It was more this urge to unplug the TV and carry it down into the cellar for the moment.

I mean, let’s just look at what a TV has to offer:

  • News: Well, that is usually quite depressing to watch and quite honestly: Do I really have to watch umpteen times how a human being is beheaded or how an airplane crashes into a building or how a catastrophe uproots the lives of thousands of people and all the other atrocities that the media seems to focus on? – And no, this does not have much to do with being or not being empathic about other peoples’ plight. On the contrary.
  • But let’s face it: most of the news that is deemed worth the while reporting on TV is rather negative, political, sensationalist or boring. Besides, news has become a lot more interactive with the possibilities that social media has to offer for instance. Anyway, if a topic is of interest, there are many possibilities to research on internet or simply read an out of date newspaper.
  • Weather Forecast: As the term implies – it is a forecast. Sometimes they get lucky and get it right. It can be entertaining though. Especially, when they spend half of the time on telling us how the weather HAS BEEN that day – and sometimes get it right. But not always. Amazing, isn’t it?
  • Movies: Now that is a great teaser. I have to admit. For me this is the reason, why I still have a TV. Watching a movie on Sunday evening has become something of a habit. Fully aware, that movies are often repeats and simply a great illusion, they still have the capacity to capture one’s imagination and transport one to faraway times, worlds and stories.
  • When you spend your day highly concentrated in analysing financial issues, writing blogs, talking to people, contemplating the meaning of the scriptures or other concentrated work, it is very enticing to simply watch a (mindless) movie once in a while. But here again: A TV is not really necessary for that.

TV has a lot more to offer of course: such as great documentaries, (totally mindless) reality and other shows, sports, etc. So, what is the harm in watching a movie here and there or watch the news, or a documentary or a soap or a show or, or, or?

Well, from a yogic point of view – and probably from every other point of view – most of what is shown on TV we can do without! Whether I know about certain news-items or not, have or have not seen a movie, documentary, sports event etc., in most cases will not be important for my everyday life. However, what we see does affect the brain and often not to its advantage. Therefore, I have made it a point to keep news-intake – for instance – at a minimum level.

As to watching a movie here and there, even from a yogic point of view, it may be conducive, depending on the type of movie of course. Naturally, if one were to watch predominantly mass-murder movies, war and crime movies, for instance, it would not really have the best effect on one’s brain. But again: your choice, right?

Anyway, the decision is made: in my case, the TV will (eventually) have to go. The first step in that direction was to unplug the TV and put a really cool-looking, meditating ZEN-cow I received for Christmas in front of the screen. And hiding the screen is a nice piece of cloth.

The second step will be the cellar and the third the dump. Whether that will happen in 2015, we shall see. I am refraining from forming a resolution in this respect, as things just drop off anyway, when the time is ripe. For now, the cow does a splendid job.  And for the time-being it is nice to have the option to be able to watch something that is entertaining, also if it happens to be mindless, illusory and a total waste of time. OM.